Insider’s Guide to the Hamptons

By: Laura Begley Bloom click here for full article

Pack your bags: this is The Hamptons like only the locals know it.

Summer workout: Paddle Boarding

By: Molly Creeden click here for full article

As temperatures rise and gyms turn from warm to sweltering, it’s time to take workouts to the water. One in particular that’s making a splash with women—including Kate Hudson

Bethenny in Your Bu$iness

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Paddle Diva and Bethenny take to the Hudson River to find some great solutions for Paddle Diva’s growth.

The Cool New Workout You Haven’t Tried Yet

By: Laurel Leicht Click here for full article

If you like Stand Up Paddling—and love a challenge—then you’ll want to try this up-and-coming activity.

4 Fresh Twists on Old Workout Routines

By: By Jessica Press Click here for full article

If you like Pilates, try: Stand-Up Paddling (SUP)
The Work out: Set off into the clear blue on a specially designed board, using only a paddle to propel yourself.

7 Stateside SUP Hubs

By: Katie Jackson click here for FULL ARTICLE

Endurance athletes, thrill seekers, and the yoga set have all fallen for stand-up paddleboarding. Find your perfect match.

Two Water People Inspire Each Other

By: Kelly Ann Smith click here for FULL ARTICLE

Love of the water united Gina Bradley, who owns Paddle Dive, a stand-up paddleboard business, and jewelry designer Susan Rockefeller, who donates 5 percent of the proceeds of her Deep Dive Collection to Oceana, the largest organization working to protect the oceans.

Tips for Staying in Shape Throughout the Winter

By: Jessica Chanchalashvili click here for FULL ARTICLE

Championing innovative athletic methods and an empowering spirit, stand up paddle boarding (or SUP) is an ancient form of surfing from the Hawaiian Islands that focuses on core muscles, upper body, and legs. We chat with Gina Bradley, better known as the Paddle Diva, about her dedication to SUP, her tips for staying in shape, and more.


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