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Daily Rentals

Quick Details

Stable Board Great for beginners/ Intermediate paddlers
Extra Stable Board Perfect for Beginners or people without great balance.
Touring/Racing Recommended for advanced paddlers
Youth Board Great for kids and small adults
Single Kayak 1 person kayak
Tandem (double) Kayak A single kayak for two people

Enjoy a Day on the Water with our Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals in East Hampton!

Get a SUP & kayak rental from Paddle Diva to paddle the waters off the coast of East Hampton in style. Whether you’re paddling with a kayak or SUP, your day is sure to be amazing.

Paddle Diva’s SUP & Kayak Rental Policy

While we strive to make paddling accessible to all, we must enforce a policy whereby only experienced paddlers can rent SUP boards from us.

We define experienced paddlers as such:

  • Holds a paddle properly on board
  • Can handle board properly on land and on the water
  • Understands how to paddle forward 10 strokes, turn and return to the same spot
  • Can paddle efficiently into the wind (if there is wind)
  • Knows and understands the marine boating rule