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Overnight Rentals

Quick Details

Stable Board Great for beginners/ Intermediate paddlers
Extra Stable Board Perfect for Beginners or people without great balance.
Touring/Racing Recommended for advanced paddlers
Youth Board Great for kids and small adults
Single Kayak 1 person kayak
Tandem (double) Kayak A single kayak for two people

Enjoy a Full 24 Hours with our Kayak & Paddle Boarding Rentals in East Hampton!

Not ready to return by sunset? Our overnight kayak and SUP rentals allow you to explore the East Hampton coast without having to return your rental until the next day. Book your overnight kayak or SUP rentals online today!

Paddle Diva’s SUP & Kayak Rental Policy

While we strive to make paddling accessible to all, we must enforce a policy whereby only experienced paddlers can rent SUP boards from us.

We define experienced paddlers as such:

  • Holds a paddle properly on board
  • Can handle board properly on land and on the water
  • Understands how to paddle forward 10 strokes, turn and return to the same spot
  • Can paddle efficiently into the wind (if there is wind)
  • Knows and understands the marine boating rule