Where is the Paddle Diva SUP center?

We MOVED! We are now located at 10 Boat Yard Road in Springs at Vandeveer’s Marina. As you are driving north on Three Mile Harbor Road you will see Three Mile Harbor Marina. Take the left on Boat Yard Road, keep driving all the way to the end of the road where you will see a small boat landing/launch. Take a right turn and you will see Paddle Diva! Click here for google map directions.

What is the difference between a lesson and a tour and how long do they last?

Lessons are the perfect way for novices to get started. All of our lessons are tours. They are about one hour beginning with a quick land lesson to familiarize all students with the mechanics of paddling. We head out to the water to fine tune and practice paddling skills while we tour the pristine waters of the bays around us!. Take as many lessons as you’d like till you “graduate” to our Fitness class, SUP Clinics and Adventure Paddles, which are best for experienced paddlers.

What Should I wear?

We always recommend wearing a bathing suit or any kind of quick dry athletic clothes and flip flops. Bring a hat, croakie (for sunglasses) and have your sunscreen already applied. We sell sun shirts, croakies and hats and sunglasses Leave your valuable watches, jewelry, sunglasses at home

What does it cost?

Group Paddle Tours are $85, Private lessons are $100 per person or $175 for one-on-one, and SUP Fitness classes are $75 – we provide the board, the paddles and all the safety equipment. Adventure Paddles are $200 and last about two hours. Rentals are $50 and hour for SUP and $75 an hour for Kayaks.


I am not in great shape, can I still try to SUP?

Being “not in great shape” is exactly the reason you must try stand up paddling! This sport is easy to learn helps your build up your core and overall body strength gradually. It is so addictive and fun that while you are out on the water paddling, you are getting in shape without even knowing it.


Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We love kiddos. Join your kids in a private group lessons are the best option for kids as they learn at a different pace than adults. We offer a fantastic Kids Program all summer from 11AM – 2 PM and it is loads of fun on the water for the kids!


Is SUP Center handicapped accessible?

YES! Adults and children with developmental challenges or physical disabilities or who are interesting in trying some form of SUP are encouraged! The SUP Center is accessible, and if we are made aware of the circumstances we can have staff on hand who can assist with special needs children or limited-mobility adults.

I want to buy a cheap, used stand up paddle board. Any recommendations?

Unfortunately, this sport is still in its infancy and as a woman and/or a beginner, the worst thing to do is buy an old used board. There are many well-designed, lighter and easier-to-carry boards on the market today. We recommend you spend a season stand up paddling with Paddle Diva (or rent one of our SUP boards if you want to paddle on your own) to find out what you like and don’t like about the gear. Then you can make a smart, sound decision when it comes time to buy your own SUP board.

Does Paddle Diva sell SUP boards?

Yes, Paddle Diva sells a wide variety of stand up paddle boards, including Riviera, SUP Love and Boga boards.

We sell SUP boards for the entire family, and our waterfront location at Shagwong Marina on Three Mile Harbor allows you to “try before you buy.”

We also work with our partners at Nature Shapes to craft custom Diva SUP Boards. Built especially for women, but we make them for men and kids too!