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Town of East Hampton  (Permit Required for parking!)

Located on the north west tip of Springs in East Hamptons Maidstone Park offers a variety of paddling experiences.  We love to launch from the more southern shore, right into the protected waters in Three Mile Harbor.  Depending on the season you can see clam and oyster beds, maintained by the town of East Hamptons shellfish hatchery.  The waters around Maidstone Park Beach are calm and protected, frequented by locals fishing and clamming, or families enjoying a beach day.  Depending on the wind You can paddle across the boat channel (always look both ways) to explore the meandering channels behind Sammys beach, or head out of the channel to the left and into Gardiners  Bay.  Be aware that the tide can become strong where the channel lets out into Gardiners bay, so before you exit make sure you know what the tides are doing!


Located on the West side of Three Mile Harbor, in the North West Woods of East Hampton, Handscreek is directly across the bay from Paddle Diva.  The perfect spot to paddle in any kind of West Wind!  We love to explore the twin forks of Handscreek (best at high tide). Keep your eyes out for Osprey, Herons, Cranes, and Egrets, along with schools of minnows, and —-.  We also love to paddle north or south along the west coast of Three Mile Harbor, but always pay attention to the winds to ensure you’re paddling into the wind first! 

a group of men standing next to a body of water
a man standing next to a body of water
a person riding on the back of a boat in a body of water
a couple of people that are standing in the water


Louse Point along with its counterpart at the end of Gerard Drive provide an idyllic paddling location!  Located on the eastern shoreline of Springs in East Hampton you can paddle in the protected estuaries to the west or head out into Napeague Bay to the East.  Full of wildlife, keep your eyes on the skies, because you could potentially see a bald eagle.  The experienced paddler can get to the Sholes of Cartwright island with the right wind direction.  Be aware of the tides and wind before setting out from here though because the large expanse of open water can create some windy conditions!


Accessible by driving through the Sag Harbor Golf course off 114, Barcelona Neck is one of our all time favorite places to paddle.  Launch on the northern shore and paddle to the north east to explore the waters all the way up to the historic Cedar Island Lighthouse.  Or head southeast into the more protected water of the Peconic river, where you can paddle through the phragmites and find secret channels.  Always best to check the tides, because some of the shoreline areas can get too shallow at low tide!  With the right wind direction, we love to paddle to the west towards Sag Harbor along the cliffs. 


(Sag Harbor parking permit required)

Havens beach is a great family friendly beach with a lifeguard on duty in the summer months. Paddle east along the cliffs for a scenic tour or explore the waters in front of the Sag Harbor Yacht Club.  As always be aware of the wind and tides, but more importantly at this location be very aware of boat traffic!  Local Sailing schools often are teaching in the deeper water, so give plenty of clearance to the learning student!


(Sag Harbor Parking Permit Required)

The Foster Memorial Beach known as Long Beach is the strip of land connecting Noyack to North Haven in Sag Harbor.  This beach provides lots of opportunities to Paddle either in the more exposed waters on the north side in Noyack Bay, or the protected waters to the south in Sag Cove.  With multiple parking lots and a section of the beach monitored by a lifeguard, this can be a very family friendly location.  Pay attention to the wind direction and always paddle into the wind first!  

a man riding a board on a body of water
a group of men standing next to a body of water
a person holding a boat in the beach
a group of people standing next to a body of water


Napeague Bay in The Lazy Point  area is  the home to windsurfing, kitesurfing and now wingfoiling. This is ideal for days when the winds are light. Take Cranberry Hole Road and follow it till you get to Lazy Point Road and you will see the bay. Parking is available for non-residents, just look for the signs and park behind them before you get to the landing. Follow the perimeter and you will discover quaint houses and access to areas only discoverable by paddleboard! Fun fact: Our Founder Gina Bradley got her start in the Hamptons windsurfing in this bay!


Park on the east side of the bridge on Bridge Lane near the Smith Corner Preserve, and launch just south of the bridge,  you can paddle south towards the ocean or sneak under the bridge and paddle north in the protected waters of Sagaponack Pond.  If you paddle south and reach the beach, be aware of the piping plovers as they are protected species, but you can ‘portage’ your board over and into the ocean.  Or just relax on the ocean beach before paddling back to your car! 


There is a launch for this pond right off route 27 in East Hampton. There is a little opening to the western part of the rest stop where you can park legally and head out to explore. This pond is home to Martha Stewart, JayZ and Beyonce among other celebrities. The architecture and unspoiled shore line is something not to be missed. Paddle due south to the beach, park your board and check out the ocean! This pond is best on a Southwest or North East Wind. “