Paddle Diva continues to be a leader in the field of SUP instruction, offering quarterly SUP instructor workshops, and SUP certification training through the Academy of Surf Instructors (ASI).

This is the reason all Paddle Diva instructors and staff are certified by the ASI. The rigorous training programs give us the expertise, knowledge and confidence to provide our clients a safe water experience. The ASI, an international organization offering accreditation in stand up paddle board training and instruction, is setting and leading the industry standards for SUP instruction. These educational programs and training sessions are geared toward developing high quality and consistent water safety standards
These courses are offered at Paddle Diva Headquarters in East Hampton. To enroll, click here. Course Descriptions, Pricing and Registration Information

All courses are booked through the ASI. Read about more about individual course descriptions below:

  • SUP Water Rescue ($120)
  • SUP Wise ($120)
  • L1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) (USD $450)
  • L2 SUP Instructor Exposed Waters (USD $250)

Discounts apply with Early Bird Registration and if all are combined.

Here are just five great reasons to become ASI certified with Paddle Diva:

  1. The various levels of instruction will cover stroke techniques, water safety, how to perform rescues and manage students in case of an emergency. Overall, the training gives you the essential skills you need to provide your clients with a positive stand up paddleboard experience.
  2. When you have ASI accreditation, it builds confidence with your clients and a reliable sign of professional accountability.
  3. ASI offers global career development pathways for instructors. Under one membership fee, you can enhance your career prospects by gaining multiple ASI qualifications in surfing, SUP and bodyboarding.
  4. ASI offers access to liability insurance, which is important and can be difficult to obtain.
  5. You get to spend time “behind the scenes” at Paddle Diva and observe the running of SUP instruction school and business.