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November 30, 2016

Top 3 Myths about Stand Up Paddle Boards you must never believe!

November 30, 2016

SUP is indeed a very interesting and an increasingly popular sport adopted by most holiday lovers. Those who are totally new to SUP are taught about the techniques involved in it. Several misconceptions surrounding SUP boards are prevalent for quite some time. So if you have thought about paddle boarding, be wary of these myths you should not believe.

Myth 1: Paddle Boards are just Oversized Boards:

If any watercraft can get into the water and you can stand up to paddle, that doesn’t make it SUP. A typical SUP board combines the features of longboards and short boards that are specifically made for stand up paddling. Having said that, SUP boards make it easy for anyone to lean on the paddle and push them towards any direction.

Myth 2: Paddle Boards must be wide enough to be Stable

When it comes to SUP boards, size isn’t a matter of concern. Needing an extremely wide paddle board would mean that you’re probably not proficient in paddling techniques. Using a paddle board that’s too wide will make you to exert extra pressure on your arms and shoulders, thus you will end up getting tired easily.

Myth 3: Tall Paddle is Best

False. A tall paddle doesn’t give out the best and most powerful stroke. Plus they can harm your arms and shoulders too. In short, tall paddles aren’t recommended for stand up paddling. If you are less confident, an adjustable paddle can help you do the job.

There you go. Now that we have debunked the top 3 myths on SUP paddle boards, get ready for this real perfect adventure for your next weekend!


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