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March 18, 2016

Tips to Find Your Perfect Paddle Guru

March 18, 2016

Paddling is one of the most sought after recreational activities these days. Not only does it give a great platform for physical training and endurance development, but it also is a great way to relieve mental stress. But just like you need a proper gym coach to guide you during your workouts, or a good teacher to help you learn effectively, you need a good paddle instructor to ensure you are in the safest hands. Follow these tips to make sure you find a paddle teacher perfect for you, even if your area of focus is just fitness or SUP.

Ensure you are comfortable with your trainer

Student- Instructor relationships are crucial in paddling. It is because once you start with standup paddling, there are going to be a lot of scenarios where you need the guidance of an expert. Make sure your instructor is approachable and happy to help you out all the time.

Always go with a certified instructor

Your next door neighbor might be a paddling pro, but teaching is something entirely different. It is why you need to make sure your instructor is certified. Being certified in medical aid and CPR is a huge plus point when you hunt for a paddle guru.

Reputation counts

It’s okay to learn paddling under a recently certified instructor but make sure there are other reputed instructors in the team you can turn to. Experience and courses are two totally different things, and the ocean is a place where it counts.


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