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February 10, 2015

The Best Way to Celebrate is to Love!

February 10, 2015

Instead of buying into the traditional commercialized take on romance, with expensive cards and flowers and chocolates, why not experience the day differently this year?  Valentine’s Day could be a day when we simply acknowledge and nurture the love we have for ourselves, a sport or even an animal!

The list of things I love is long — from family to friends, to my passion for my work, to Coconut. But my #1 Valentine is still and always my sweet husband Scott, who has demonstrated time and again what hard work and lots of love can do for a family.

Scott, James and CoconutScott is such a natural leader – in our household, in our community and in my life. As an all-round waterman with elite-advanced SUP instruction and competition experience, he’s the perfect partner in support of my business, Paddle Diva, offering ASI training and certification for those who want to be accredited stand up paddle instructors. At home, he and I still enjoy a good laugh and simple pleasures — like a shared cup of coffee in the morning, or observing one of our kids being exceptionally cute.  We like planning activities together and working out complex plans, for example, planning a family surf session in Puerto Rico. But we don’t need an excuse or a vacation to want to be together; we find ourselves coming together naturally during the day for little things, like walking with Coconut to the mail box to pick up our mail.

Years ago when we were dating I told Scott I was like a swan, I mated for life. And to this day, I still feel the same way. There is not a soul on the planet I’d rather be with than Scott — for the rest of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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