Gina Bradley

Founded by Gina Bradley in the summer of 2009, Paddle Diva was created on the premise that women are completely underserved in the Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) market. Formerly a fitness instructor, wind-surfing teacher, and PADI certified Scuba Instructor, Gina has a real passion for SUP and knew that this was a trend that was about to really catch on for women. Motivated by her love for the sport, Gina began her SUP business by teaching women in East Hampton and listening to what they wanted from the sport. What resulted almost immediately was the creation of The DIVA board, a women’s stand-up paddle board that has been custom built by Nature Shapes for women only. Gina offers not only this custom-made board, but also SUP instruction, SUP tours, ocean awareness coaching, SUP surf lessons, and kids SUP lessons.


Jennifer Ford_Paddle Diva

Jennifer Ford

Jennifer lives in Manhattan, but spends almost half her time in Amagansett, and has been coming to the East End since she was a baby. She became addicted to SUP’ing after her first ride with Gina 10 years ago, buying a board the very next day! She is so grateful to Gina for creating Paddle Diva and inspiring so many women, both on and off the water.


Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley was born and raised along the shores of Long Island and is the true embodiment of a “Waterman.” He has competed in over 100 surf competitions and has over 30 years of surf instruction for children and adults.


Amy Linnen

Amy is a teacher, coach, former professional athlete, artist and adventurer. When she is not helping others in the classroom or inspiring others in their athletic endeavors, one can find her enjoying the shores on the east end of Long Island. She is an avid beach goer, who enjoys being in the water as much as the fish. She is an experienced surfer and stand-up paddle boarder.

From teaching surf lessons in Hawaii to stand up paddling from Montauk Point to Block Island for charity. She is an ambassador for SURFTECH/BARK boards. You also might see her clamming with her feet, diving for scallops, trolling for tuna, surf casting for bass or fishing for fluke. She is an all-around waterwoman from her days of being an ocean lifeguard to her constant involvement in attempting to keep our oceans and beaches clean.

Shari Hymes

Shari Hymes is one of Paddle Diva’s full time instructors. Known for her enthusiasm and encouraging attitude with clients, makes Shari the perfect addition to our team. Shari has over 25+ years of experience on the waters, woods, roads and mountains of the North East. A native of Long Island, Shari has an intimate knowledge of the waterways and their surroundings. She is eager to share them with our paddlers and makes sure that our students learn as much as possible about what makes the waterways of the East End so unique.


Mary Scheerer

Mary joins the Paddle Diva team bringing more than just paddling and water experience. She is an athlete with years of biking, skiing, hunting, motorcycling, running, wilderness traveling, mountain climbing, surfing and kayaking experience behind her. In fact, Mary does just about every sport out there and typically achieves proficiency in it and assumes a leadership role.


Jessica Cadden Osborne

A Pennsylvania hometown girl turned NYC actress, Jessica grew up appreciating the ocean in her summer trips to Maryland as a child. She can’t think of a better way to spend her summer than on a SUP with the incredible people at Paddle Diva!