Paddle Diva is Long Island’s premiere provider of SUP lessons and SUP board rentals.

Paddle Diva’s SUP & Kayak Rental Policy

While we strive to make paddling accessible to all, we must enforce a policy whereby only experienced paddlers can rent SUP boards from us. We offer SUP lessons every day at 10:00 and 12:00 perfect for all experience levels.

We define experienced paddlers as such:

  • Holds a paddle properly on board
  • Can handle board properly on land and on the water
  • Understands how to paddle forward 10 strokes, turn and return to the same spot
  • Can paddle efficiently into the wind (if there is wind)
  • Knows and understands the marine boating rules

We require the following items be worn while paddling with absolutely no exceptions:

  • Leash
  • Life belt for adults who can swim, life vest for all children under the age of 12 and adults who cannot swim.
  • A watch so you can be aware of your time. Should you stay out beyond one hour, you will be charged for additional time.

Damage: Please inspect your board prior to taking it out. We check it upon return and charge $100 against your credit card for any dings or damage.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental Rates

Hourly:  $50 an hour, $25 each additional half hour. Off-site rentals two-hour minimum. Book two hours and pay in advance for $90

Daily: $150 for the full day of rental. 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Over Night Rentals : $200 for a 24-hour period

Weekend: $300 for a 48-hour period

Weekly: $500

Monthly: $900

Kayak Rental: Single Kayak $50 an hour or Double Kayak $75 an hour

Discounts are available for Frequent Paddlers – Board Packs are for Individuals ONLY and cannot be split between families and friends

Board Pack of 5 rentals: $225

Board Pack of 10 rentals: $440

Policy: If participants do not have the capability to paddle on their own, instructors will join the group at an additional cost of a private group lesson of $100 per person as per Paddle Diva safety policy.


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