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September 9, 2014

Sunset, Stargazer and Full Moon Stand Up Paddle Tours

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September 9, 2014

As our Summer season winds down, one of the things we’ll miss the most are our evening Sunset, Stargazer and Full Moon Stand Up Paddle Tours.  These were hugely popular with our Paddle Diva clients, and why wouldn’t they be?  Stand up paddling during the day already has a calming quality; watching the sun set over the harbor is the perfect way to wind down.  Indulging in a guided meditation and some gentle yoga stretches led by Jessica Bellofatto while listening to waves lapping on the shore is a restorative experience unlike any other!

Sunset Stand Up Paddle Tours at Paddle DivaThe logistics of the night paddles are difficult, to be sure, but darkness and mosquitoes are no match for the Paddle Diva team.  NOCQUA Adventure Gear’s White LED Light System fits all SUP’s, Kayaks and Canoes and was also extremely helpful in lighting up the overland path to the shoreline. (Everyone was on their own when it came to dealing with the mosquitoes.) Lighting like this enables night paddlers to glide over illuminated waters and obviously provides the necessary safety element that is always our first priority.

With cheese and wine served, the after-paddle parties were just as much fun and made for a wonderful “date night” for some participants.  For families with children, the Sunset Paddles proved more popular.  Our location at the Shagwong is the perfect place to take the family, with its protected waters, picnic area and shower facilities.

It was a marvelous Summer, thanks to everyone who came out to paddle with us: clients, friends and of course, our dedicated summer staff.  A special thanks to senior instructor Bradley Musika, who climbed on his motorbike and rode off into the sunset last week.  See you all next summer! For those who can’t bear the thought of not paddling and can stand cooler weather, stay tuned for announcements about our Fall Adventure Paddle Tours!


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