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May 12, 2018

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – The Beginner’s Guide

May 12, 2018

Looking to stand on a paddle? Confused about how and where to start? No worries, just follow this beginner’s guide to learn the basic skills of standup paddle boarding that will get you to have fun on the water as well as allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of our environment.

SUP Techniques on the water

Standing up on your SUP:

It’s best to start your practice session in calm and flat water to be free of obstacles like boats, other paddle boarders, surfers, swimmers, etc., At first, you may find it easier to kneel on the board rather than to stand upright immediately.

SUP Stance:

Follow the list below in order to maintain balance as you stand upright on the board,

  • Balance with your hip and not with your body.
  • Keep your head & shoulders steady and upright and shift your body weight by moving your hips.
  • Avoid staring at your feet, looking down may make you be off balance.
  • Similar to riding a bike, when your forward momentum increases, your stability increases as well.

SUP Stroke:

The real fun begins with the SUP Stroke! When you experience comfortable balance and confidence on the board in flat water, it is the time to take off on a longer excursion. Some points for a basic paddle boarding stroke:

  • To move in a straight line, paddle about 4-5 strokes on a side, then switch to other side.
  • Keep your stroke fairly short and do not overpower it, a consistent stroke is more effective.

SUP Turns:

Here are some easy ways to turn the paddle board,

  • Side stroke: Simply paddle on the opposite direction until the nose turns. To turn right, paddle on the left. To turn left, paddle on the right.
  • Back paddle: To turn or reverse faster, paddle backward on either side of the board.
  • Sweep stroke: The board will turn to the opposite side of the stroke, when you plant your paddle towards the front and take a long sweep away from the board and towards the tail of the board.

With those tips, you can begin to have some real fun on the water with Standup Paddle Boarding, which is the most fun-filled and newly popular water sport in the Hamptons. Want to learn to ride for the very first time in one of the world’s best SUP-ing destinations? Visit Paddle Diva today at and come join us on the water!


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