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September 30, 2014

September Catch-Up with the Bradleys

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September 30, 2014

After Labor Day, when my stand up paddleboarding clients go back to their city dwellings, I take about ten minutes to breathe and then I begin my off-season life.  In terms of the business, September is time to wind down daily offerings. We still offer stand up paddle tours, but the summer staff is gone and I start to focus my attention on things that help will grow Paddle Diva into a nationally recognized brand.

I’ll certainly keep you posted on any developments, but this post is more about what Fall means for me on a more personal level.  For most people, Summer means more time to spend with your kids – for me, it’s just the opposite.  

emma-horsebackBecause I am busy overseeing the daily operations of Paddle Diva, Summer means my kids are off on their own, busy with their individual activities and attended to and chauffeured around by their amazing nanny, Kathleen. It’s not until Fall that I can spend real quality time with them, and I’ve been doing just that!

Emma, my “mini-me,” is coming into her own as a great little horse woman!  Over the summer she spent time working at Stony Hill Stables, helping with the horses and even leading groups out on the trails.  Because the stables are so close to home, she can continue working and riding after school – and now I am free to go watch – from the ground.  I’m much more comfortable standing on a paddleboard than sitting on a horse!

james-skatebordI can also spend more time after school with James, whose interests are diverse and intense!  James loves swimming, surfing, fishing – on rainy days he entertains himself on trampoline or rollerblading in the garage.  September’s gorgeous weather allowed for great skateboarding – and the thing I like doing best with James after school – beachcombing. Here he is with a friend collecting crabs on the shore.

I’m relieved that my kids are back at school, where I know they are safe and sound at their desks all day!  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that they tackle physical challenges with enthusiasm.  And I’m very happy to see them wearing helmets and follow proper safety rules, regardless of activity.

scott-asi-trainingSpeaking of safety, my husband, Scott, and I will be working together this winter to flesh out Paddle Diva’s offerings for ASI SUP Teacher Certification courses .  Scott is my strongest ally in promoting ASI certification. With so many SUP classes being offered throughout the U.S. every year, it’s vitally important to make sure teachers have received the highest quality instruction and adhere to safe operating standards. Scott’s ASI certification class at Paddle Diva was a big hit, and next year we plan even more!


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