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August 12, 2021

Project Zero x Paddle Diva

August 12, 2021

Project Zero x Paddle Diva

Paddle Diva has joined efforts with Project Zero, an ocean conservancy non-profit, to be part of the wave of change on Sunday, August 15 at Haven’s Beach in Sag Harbor in a paddle race to turn the tide on climate crisis.

Our founder, Gina Bradley, joins a group of dedicated environmental advocates to host Stand Up for the Ocean. She will be alongside fellow hosts: surfer and owner of The Flower Shop restaurant in NYC, Ronnie Flynn; Project Zero board of trustees, James Jagger and John De Neufville; creator and founder of Let’s Take Care, Mei Kwok; Standup Journal editor, Evelyn O’Doherty; artist Beth O’Donnell; and celebrity DJ Alexandra Richards.

“What I love about events like this is that they are for everyone— families, kids, serious racers, recreational paddlers, and even first time paddlers. Everyone should come and be a part of this.”— Gina Bradley, Paddle Diva

 Project Zero’s advocacy initiatives protect mother natures biggest playground— the ocean— which makes up 99% of livable space on Earth, but only 2% of it is protected. Through their conservation efforts, and global support, they’ve developed a network of ocean sanctuaries to reduce the effects of climate change. But it’s only through awareness and donations that their mission can continue.

Stand Up for the Ocean begins at 10AM. There will be a three mile recreational and six mile elite race options— plus a kids division of an approximately one mile paddle (parents of children will have the option to accompany their child on a separate board). Each race takes place on the beautiful flat waters in Sag Harbor Bay in a competitive, but fun, environment to raise money for our ocean’s health.

“Doing races like this are so important for our community but also our planet. We are so lucky to be able to join forces and help for cars like project zero fight the good fight to stop ever changing climate.”— Gina Bradley, Paddle Diva

 You don’t have to race to be part of the days adventure. Our ASI certified instructors will be on site to offer free paddle board classes throughout the duration of the event— no pre-registration required! It’s a great opportunity to try paddle boarding either for the first time, to perfect your skills, or just use it as an opportunity to get on the water and meet fellow conversation advocates.

There will also be an open level, 45-minute SUP Yoga classes guided by Amanda “Min” Bruno from Long Island Vibes. Class times start at 10 AM or 11 AM.

Hungry? The Mattitaco Food Truck, home to some of the best tacos across Long Island, will also be on site serving up some whaley good tacos.

“As a lifelong surfer and stand up paddleboarder, whose done multiple long distance races throughout the united states, this is a super important event and a great cause that we should all get behind. We’re excited for the opportunity and I’m sure Gina and Evelyn will run an awesome event that everyone should either come down and take part in or do their best to support.”— Justin Schwartz, Mattitaco

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