Want to reach The Hamptons Marketplace


The Transformative
Power of SUP: the
Paddle Diva Method

Want to Reach the Hamptons Marketplace?

Paddle Diva an iconic brand in The Hamptons now offers emerging brands an opportunity to gain exposure to Paddle Diva’s client base. With over 10 years of marketing and working in The Hamptons marketplace, Paddle Diva offers activation programs for summer 2018 and winter 2019 in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Rincon, Puerto Rico.

The Program:

Paddle Diva offers three Levels of activation:

Tier one: Full Summer Sponosr ship

SUP Fitness

We offer daily SUP work outs on the boards that are a great alternative to the gym. These SUP Fit are a workout combining upper body strengthening moves and yoga stretches, sprints, power paddles and exercises meant to target each muscle group (legs, back, abs/core, etc.). These 60-90 minutes classes give you a quick refresher on how to paddle, then we start the workout! Just water and bathing suits are required!

Images, clockwise from the top: The hot Rockette Jessica, the intelligent sexy professor Natalia and every woman’s aspirational adventure athlete Shari,


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