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Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness

Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness Paddle Diva is excited to finish off Summer on Sunday, September 5th with a Fabulous day of Fitness with Jennifer Ford of Lifted and Elisabeth Halpap of CorreBarre.   Lifted at 10:00 AM with Jennifer Ford This signature class combines high intensity interval training […]

Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness

Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness Paddle Diva is excited to finish off Summer on Sunday, September 5th with a Fabulous day of Fitness with Jennifer Ford of Lifted and Elisabeth Halpap of CorreBarre.   Lifted at 10:00 AM with Jennifer Ford This signature class combines high intensity interval training […]

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Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness

Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness Paddle Diva is excited to finish off Summer on Sunday, September 5th with a Fabulous day of Fitness with Jennifer Ford of Lifted and Elisabeth Halpap of CorreBarre.   Lifted at 10:00 AM with Jennifer Ford This signature class combines high intensity interval training […]

SUP WISE / Kids Program

SUP WISE /Kids Program Our mission is to make paddle boarding accessible to all, and that includes children. Kids love to get involved and have a true enthusiasm for life (as should the inner child in all of us). They love to learn, explore, get their hands dirty. That’s why they make the perfect next […]

Project Zero x Paddle Diva

Project Zero x Paddle Diva Paddle Diva has joined efforts with Project Zero, an ocean conservancy non-profit, to be part of the wave of change on Sunday, August 15 at Haven’s Beach in Sag Harbor in a paddle race to turn the tide on climate crisis. Our founder, Gina Bradley, joins a group of dedicated […]

Paddle Diva Tabletop Event

Tabletop x Paddle Diva A strong connection to your community can make all the difference when life doesn’t go as planned. It’s the tipping point from feeling isolated to being integrated. At Paddle Diva, we’re grateful for the community that we build every day— on and off the water. Our paddlers create strength, both physical […]


Be A Steward For The Environment Water. We are surrounded by it and marvel at its beauty. It’s the reason many of us flock to coastal destinations, such as The Hamptons, whether to live or simply visit. But do we give as much as we take?   The paddle promise Over the course of a […]

LIFTED On The Water

Dig deeper and move gently outside of your comfort zone with LIFTED On The Water, every Sunday from 10 – 11 AM with Jennifer Ford at Paddle Diva. LIFTED is a meditative workout designed to [up]lift every part of who we are— mind, body, and spirit. Created by Nike Master Trainer, Holly Rilinger, the classes […]

Picking the Right Paddle Board for a Perfect Paddling Experience

The popularity of SUP has been sky rocketing in the recent times. It has become a regular activity in beaches and day after day, more people are signing up for paddling lessons to experience the benefits it offers. If you are a beginner and have plans to experiment with this fun activity, read on to […]

5 Reasons why you should Try Stand up Paddle Boarding

Everyone’s raving about Stand up Paddle boarding! Why? Stand up Paddle boarding is an activity where we stand on a large surfboard and paddle, unlike the regular kind of paddling. Here are 5 compelling reasons that reveal why Stand up Paddling is the new cool. 1. It’s Absolute Fun! Stand up paddling is meant for […]

SUP Fitness – Really a Killer Workout!

Is Paddle boarding a fun fitness  activity? The answer is “YES”. Obviously, people of all sort of ages and in all different areas in their athletic lives are now engaging in standup paddle boarding, as it is considered both an incredible fitness activity and full body workout and it can also be a relaxing activity. […]

Embrace the Ancient Hawaiian Surfing Technique of Standup Paddle Boarding

Surfing enthusiasts all around the country have reasons to rejoice with the advent of standup paddle boarding. This sport lets them board in lakes and even rivers in the absence of great waves at a beach. Frequently known as SUP, it is another way to enjoy water bodies near you. While many embrace the ancient […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – The Beginner’s Guide

Looking to stand on a paddle? Confused about how and where to start? No worries, just follow this beginner’s guide to learn the basic skills of standup paddle boarding that will get you to have fun on the water as well as allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of our environment. SUP Techniques on […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The New Path to Fitness

In a world where lives are spent bustling to and from work, people have to put in a lot of efforts to keep healthy. While some watch what they eat paying close attention to the number of calories consumed; there are others who head to the gym a few hours a week for a tiring […]

Best Tips for First Time Stand Up Paddle Boarders

Paddle boarding is a thrilling yet difficult sport. If stand up paddle boarding is something you haven’t done before, here are the best tips that you can use a neophyte: 1. Gear Up If you don’t want to get embarrassed during your first try, it is advisable to use appropriate gears for stand-up paddle boarding. […]

Get Acquainted with the Intriguing Sport of Standup Paddle Boarding

The popular sport of SUP better known as stand up paddle boarding certainly has a lot of fans. However, many still remain unaware of the technicalities of SUP. This write-up is dedicated to getting you better acquainted with it so you can try it on your next visit to a local river or lake. What […]

3 Key Perks of Standup Paddle Boarding

Much less stressful than a gym workout, stand up paddle boarding has been appreciated as a great way to exercise. Befitting people of all ages and body types, this routine lets you achieve your fitness goals as you bask in the sunlight. Read on to know of some aspects of standup paddling that adds to […]

Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is Best for Your Health?

Aside from the thrill and experience of dancing along the waves while standing up on a piece of board, there are a number of health benefits that you can enjoy in stand-up paddle boarding: Stress Reliever If stress dominated your week, allow your weekend to suck up all the negative vibes by doing stand-up paddle […]

5 Great Health Benefits of Stand-up Paddle Boarding you should know

Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has become quite a trend lately, as it is not just easy and incredibly fun to do, but benefits a lot in terms of health and fitness too! Here are some of the tremendous health benefits you’d get with SUP. Balance: To make stand up paddle boarding right, you’ll have […]

Let’s Plunge for a Good Cause! Join the 16th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

Hellooo 2017! New Year’s around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! The festive season is not just about joy and celebration but about sharing and caring too, so why not we give some thought to feed the hungry? The East Hampton Food Pantry is back with its Annual Polar Bear Plunge event! Did […]

Top 3 Myths about Stand Up Paddle Boards you must never believe!

SUP is indeed a very interesting and an increasingly popular sport adopted by most holiday lovers. Those who are totally new to SUP are taught about the techniques involved in it. Several misconceptions surrounding SUP boards are prevalent for quite some time. So if you have thought about paddle boarding, be wary of these myths […]

What You Need to Know If You’re A First-Time Stand up Paddle Boarder

Stand up paddle boarding essentially involves standing upright on a paddleboard and propelling yourself forward. In 2013, SUP became the outdoor sporting activity with the most number of first-timers in the US for that year. If you’re a first-time paddle boarder too, here are some tips to help you out. Dress for the weather If […]

The Health Benefits of Standup Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding as a sport started out in Hawaii as an offshoot of traditional surfing. Three years ago, it was reported to be the outdoor sporting event with the most first-time participants in the US for that year. As with any sport, it also comes with several health benefits, some of which we’ll […]

Advantages of Choosing Paddling over Other Workouts

While hitting the gym might be the most popular thing when it comes to workouts, there are a lot of other things you can do like SUP. Stand up paddling is not just a source of physical fitness, but it also comes as a great way for cooling your mind down. This is one of […]

How Can Paddling Be the Perfect Getaway for You

Granted that paddling is a great source of a workout but there are also other dimensions to it. While most people learn to paddle for building endurance, there are others who look beyond just the physical benefits from it. Paddling can be a huge stress buster for people who work with very little sleep and […]

Why Paddling Can Be the Next Big Workout

Paddling has been hailed worldwide as one of the best workouts because it puts almost every muscle in your body to work. Besides being a great source of relaxation, paddling can also be an excellent way to exercise your body. A major advantage of Stand up paddle boarding is that it can be a great […]

Tips to Find Your Perfect Paddle Guru

Paddling is one of the most sought after recreational activities these days. Not only does it give a great platform for physical training and endurance development, but it also is a great way to relieve mental stress. But just like you need a proper gym coach to guide you during your workouts, or a good […]

Celebrate Your Paddle Dude this Fathers Day

Treat your dad (or favorite man) to a special Father’s Day Paddle on Sunday, June 21 from 10-11:30 am. Come with your dad, friend, son/daughter or loved one and they paddle for free! This 90-minute paddle through Three Mile Harbor is the perfect way to enjoy summer stand up paddleboarding with your dad. Led by Scott […]

Welcome Team Rider Jessica Cadden Osborne

We are super excited to welcome our newest SUP instructor into the Paddle Diva fold for Summer 2015. A Pennsylvania hometown girl turned New York City actress, Jessica Cadden Osborne grew up frolicking in the Atlantic surf during her childhood trips to the Maryland shore – and she can’t think of a better way to […]

Three NEVER-break SUP Rules for Flat Water Paddling

June is the perfect time to do some stand up paddleboarding — the weather is getting warmer and everything around us is starting to bloom.  If you just started riding your board again but find yourself needing a refresher course then these reminders of three never-break SUP rules will ensure you paddle safely. If you […]

Ocean Awareness & Safety Courses with Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley joins Paddle Diva this summer as an Academy of Surfing Instructor Trainer and Head Lifeguard Everyone knows to protect themselves from the dangers of the sun. Paddle Diva also believes in protecting yourself from the water and has put together programming for adults and kids that ensures a safe, fun, summer in the […]

Paddle Diva in Outside Magazine

By: Katie Jackson click here for FULL ARTICLE Apr 23, 2015   People would look at Jessica Bellofatto like she had two heads when she started paddleboarding 10 years ago. “But now I can do a headstand on my board and it barely warrants a double take,” says Bellofatto, one of the pioneers of SUP yoga and a BOGA […]

What You Should Know About Sunscreen

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and making sunscreen part of your outdoor gear is one way to reduce your risk of skin cancer.  But with so many different sunscreens to choose from, picking the right one for your skin can be a challenge.  To help you make the right choice, the American Academy […]

Paddle Diva 2015 Summer Preview

Are you ready for summer?  Here at Paddle Diva, we’re getting ready for another SUPtastic summer with exciting new SUP programs for all levels and lifestyles: First Time SUP’er We conduct daily SUP classes for beginners who wants to learn the sport. Introducing the sport to first time SUP’ers is always a thrilling experience for […]

Paddle Diva’s Annual Mothers Day Paddle!

Our Annual Mothers Day Paddle is coming up on Sunday, May 10 from 10-11:30.  Come with your mom, friend, daughter or loved one and they paddle for FREE. This 90-minute special paddle event on Three Mile Harbor is the perfect way to get mom jump-started for the spring paddling season.  I’ll be leading the event together my […]

Summer Activities for Kids in the Hamptons

The end of the school year is nearing and if you’re still wondering what to do to keep your kids busy this Summer, take a look at our list of summer activities for kids in the Hamptons. Pony Camp at Rita’s Stables.  Rita’s Stable is a family-operated business that offers trail rides for all skill […]

SPA Soiree: Enjoy a Wellness Weekend You Deserve

Spring is in full swing and if you’re looking to take a break after a chilly winter then the Spa Soiree Wellness Weekend may just be what you need! Organized by The Independent and The Wizard of Spa, the Spa Soirée is a gathering of spa-goers, the spa industry, and business professionals alike for an […]

Paddle Diva’s Inspirational Woman: Alexia Lalli

This month, Paddle Diva is featuring my very own mom, Alexia Lalli, as our Inspirational Woman. Her spirit, tenacity and intelligence are what make her so inspirational to her friends and family, who refer to her affectionately as Lex. At 76, (77 on April 24!) Lex is enjoying every aspect of her busy life, making […]

Get Ready for SUP Racing!

It’s finally Spring — time to head out and join in some SUP racing.  Here are some of the biggest upcoming SUP racing events that you won’t want to miss. Rincon’s Beachboy SUP Race (April 11) Just like last year, we’ll be starting off our racing season by heading over to Puerto Rico for the […]

Missed our Winter SUP Yoga Retreat?

Our SUP Yoga vacation package combines elements of land and sea to provide our guests with an incredibly integrated trip that will leave you refreshed and renewed! We offer SUP Yoga Retreats several times each year — check our website for dates! The next SUP adventure is a “Couples Only” SUP Vacation, April 29 – […]

Juicing for Good Health? Not Necessarily So

There is no denying that juicing has taken the health world by storm, with A-list celebrities joining the juicing bandwagon and becoming advocates of its many health benefits.  The industry has boomed into a $5 billion business and is continuously growing at the rate of 4-8% per year.  Juice bars are popping up on every […]

Why SUP Certification and Regulation is So Important

Although we’ve been teaching stand up paddle boarding for almost six years now, SUP is still a fairly new sport when it comes to establishing standards for industry providers like Paddle Diva. A recent, fatal incident near our winter home in Rincon, Puerto Rico, illustrates the need for strong regulation of the industry both for […]

Thinking About Seeing a Parenting Coach?

There are plenty of books and ‘how-to’ websites that offer parenting advice, but the vast amount of information available to us parents can cause us to feel overwhelmed! I also find that the problems and nuances of family dynamics are so unique to each of our own lives that it’s almost impossible to practically apply […]

Spring Cleaning for a Healthier You

Spring is coming (can you feel it yet?) and with it comes the need for a major cleaning around the house and garden. If you’re still feeling winter’s sluggishness and not quite ready to tackle cleaning out your closets, then why not begin with yourself first? After all, refreshing your health and rejuvenating your spirit […]

Catching a Wave in Rincon

One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m in Rincon is work on my stand up paddle surfing skills.  I starting SUP surfing five years ago and I still find it thrilling every time a catch a wave (even a small one). Learning how to SUP surf was a slow process for me, but […]

Scupper: a Sato’s Rags to Riches Life

Puerto Rico is a wonderful and downright passionate island with a lively mix of natives and American transplants adding to its spicy cultural life. In Rincon, our winter home, there is a sense of purpose within the community that helps keep our environment beautiful and healthy for all of us to enjoy.  One thing both […]

The Best Way to Celebrate is to Love!

Instead of buying into the traditional commercialized take on romance, with expensive cards and flowers and chocolates, why not experience the day differently this year?  Valentine’s Day could be a day when we simply acknowledge and nurture the love we have for ourselves, a sport or even an animal! The list of things I love […]

Take a Bite out of Winter’s Bitterness

The worst thing about winter (for me) is the lack of beautiful summer fruits and vegetables. I live on salads, raw produce and smoothies and winter leaves me craving the variety of gorgeous local produce available “in season.” But thanks to my friends at Amber Waves Farm, I am lucky enough to have access to […]

Coconut Certified as Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Turning your dog into an emotional support animal, or ESA, can be a bit controversial as some people use the certification to bypass “no pets” laws for housing and getting their pets into hotels, airplanes, and other businesses that are generally pet-unfriendly. When researching the topic, I found folks on both sides who were happy […]

Talk of the Town: Paddle Diva in Hamptons Magazine

Tips for staying in shape throughout the winter.   http://hamptons-magazine.com/the-latest/talk-of-the-town/postings/the-paddle-diva-gina-bradley-on-how-to-stay-in-shape-in-the-winter    

Slowing Down to Enjoy Life More

It has been called to my attention that I move fast; expressions like, “the grass doesn’t grow long underneath your feet” are ones I hear frequently. Until recently, I was proud of that — I thought it was a GREAT personality attribute. It wasn’t until a run in with a venomous scorpion fish (that penetrated […]

Countdown to our Rincon Paddleboard Yoga Retreat!

Only two weeks until a dozen lucky people head to Rincon for Paddle Diva’s famous Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Retreat with Jessica Bellofatto.  If you’re just tuning in, we’ve been offering these amazing getaways for five years now, and they just keep getting better and better! Unbeknownst to us, one of our February 2013 retreat […]

Hamptons for the Holidays

The summer crowds have been gone for months, and the only ones left to enjoy the magnificent East End of Long Island during the holiday season are us locals. While summers dazzle with activity and celebrity, winter in the Hamptons dazzles with brightly lit storefronts and twinkly stars in the cold night sky. For us, […]

Gifts that Give Back

Holiday shopping can present you with a moral dilemma: you want to shower your loved ones with beautiful gifts but it seems entirely contradictory to the spirit of the season: that is, remembering the poor and suffering and giving back, or at least donating a used coat or an hour of companionship to those less […]

Paddle Diva SUP Board Christmas Sale!

This holiday season why not get her that SUP board she wants and deserves! We’re offering great deals on SUP boards in stock and more on 2014 models. SUP Love: Get it for $1,000 — save $575! BOGA Paddleboards: Get it for $1,000 — save $195! Riviera Paddlesurf: Riviera Series: $750 (save $200) Riviera Select […]

Looking Forward, Looking Back

It’s been an amazing year for everyone at Paddle Diva. The beginning of 2014 found the Bradleys enjoying some extended family time in Rincon, Puerto Rico, away from the hustle bustle of life in New York. It was during this trip that the Bradleys adopted Coconut, one of the rescue pups they fostered in Rincon. […]

Paddle Diva: A Woman in Business

Listen to what Gina Bradley has to say about working in SUP

Hamptons Thanksgiving, Locally Grown

As soon as Halloween ended, friends and family started asking where we are going to spend Thanksgiving. Last year we spent an untraditional Thanksgiving in Rincon, Puerto Rico, but this year Scott and I decided to stay home in the Hamptons. There was some initial protest by Emma and James, who always look forward to visiting […]

Integrating Fitness into Your Everyday Life

People ask me what I do to keep fit when peak paddling season is over, and if you’ve been reading my blog you probably already know that I don’t stop SUP-ing just because it’s cold outside! Even after the Fall stand up paddleboarding tours taper off, we go out on the occasional down-winder.  But it […]

Think You Can’t Stand Up Paddle?

When I tell people that I run Paddle Diva and teach women of all ages and sizes how to stand up paddle, I often hear “oh, I’ve seen people doing that – it looks hard!” to which I respond  that it’s not – that anyone can learn and be up and paddling within half an […]

Battling Blue-Green Algae Blooms

Paddle Diva is located in the Hamptons, a group of villages that line the East End of Long Island on its South Fork.  Surrounded by water – the Atlantic Ocean on one side, the Peconic Bay on the other – and with miles of ponds, rivers and marshes running through, many residents of the area, […]

Happy Halloween: Five Scary Creatures of the Deep

Of all the scary monsters you see out and about on Halloween, there is very little representation of the creatures that inspire terror among sailors, divers and other ocean lovers.  Maybe it’s just too hard to make costumes of sea creatures, with their strange tentacles and fins!  Here are five real monsters of the deep […]

Fall SUP at Paddle Diva

Interested in exploring the natural diversity of our lovely East End? Paddle Diva’s distinguished tour guides, Mary Scheerer and Shari Hymes, lead SUP trips where you’ll discover the hidden wonders of our waterways. Past Adventure Paddle Tours have included: a tour of the Cartwright shoals, through Gardiners Bay along the bluffs all the way to Three […]

Autumn SUP at Paddle Diva: Peconic River Paddle

Last Sunday, a group of hardy and dedicated Paddle Diva paddlers explored the Peconic River, Long Island’s largest and most ecologically diverse river. Winds were strong but at our backs, which made for a relaxing paddle. We were well protected and the gusts helped push us along. The Peconic originates as swamps and bogs that […]

SUP Race to Benefit East Hampton Ocean Rescue

This upcoming Saturday, October 11, a favorite Hamptons tradition takes place beginning at 9 a.m. at the Lazy Point Landing Ramp. Our friends at Main Beach Surf & Sport are once again hosting the annual SUP Race in support of Paddlers 4 Humanity and the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue squad. Registration begins at 7 […]

September Catch-Up with the Bradleys

After Labor Day, when my stand up paddleboarding clients go back to their city dwellings, I take about ten minutes to breathe and then I begin my off-season life.  In terms of the business, September is time to wind down daily offerings. We still offer stand up paddle tours, but the summer staff is gone […]

SUP Class in Rye New York

Paddle Diva is thrilled to pack-up our boards and hit the road to bring SUP to a town near you. Based on demand, Gina Bradley, founder and lead instructor at Paddle Diva will be holding an SUP Class in Rye New York at the Rye Boat Basin, near the American Yacht Club. These 90-minute SUP class […]

Diva Picks for Fall Stand Up Paddling!

Summer is officially over, but colder weather never stops me from getting out on the water, if I have the chance!  Autumn is lovely in the Hamptons and you can paddle right through the winter with the proper SUP clothing.  Here are my recommendations for these last warm days, when we’re starting to feel the […]

Paddle Diva Summer 2014 Highlights

So hard to sum up Summer 2014 in three minutes, but we tried! A very special thanks to our summer staff, and to the friends and clients that spent time with us this season. For those of you not put off by a little cold weather, remember we paddle throughout the Fall. For the rest […]

Sunset, Stargazer and Full Moon Stand Up Paddle Tours

As our Summer season winds down, one of the things we’ll miss the most are our evening Sunset, Stargazer and Full Moon Stand Up Paddle Tours.  These were hugely popular with our Paddle Diva clients, and why wouldn’t they be?  Stand up paddling during the day already has a calming quality; watching the sun set […]

ASI SUP Instructor Certification

I am a strong proponent of water safety and regulation, and continue to incorporate it into my stand up paddleboard business. The Academy of Surf Instructors (ASI) is an international organization offering accreditation in stand up paddleboard training and instruction, and Paddle Diva is an accredited ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor Training Centre.  My husband, Scott Bradley, is ASI […]

Paddle Diva in the Press

Paddle Diva has received some serious recognition in the media this summer. Check out this season’s press clippings below, and come one out this Labor Day weekend to see what all the fuss is about! “Bethenny” Show Re-broadcast “Two Water People Inspire Each Other” from Edible East End (High Summer 2014) “Hamptons: Summer Fit & Fun” […]

Upcoming SUP Yoga Instructor Training

Paddle Diva’s next SUP Yoga teacher certification training will be held on the weekend of September 13-14th. Gina Bradley and Jessica Bellofatto lead the 20-hour course, which covers stand up paddling techniques, beginner to advanced SUP Yoga sequences and water safety protocols. The training also offers a hands-on approach to building, growing and promoting a […]

End of Summer SUP Board and Gear Sales

This summer, we’ve had a lot of clients come out to Paddle Diva for their first stand up paddle boarding experience. While gliding on the water and learning basic paddleboard maneuvers, many fell in love with the sport. If you’re one of those, the end of summer is the perfect time to buy SUP boards […]

Record-Breaking Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink Raises $1.5 million

The third annual “Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink” was an enormous success, raising a record-breaking $1.5 million to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Over 200 SUPers kicked off the fundraiser at the Havens Beach in Sag Harbor last Saturday morning. Prior to the fundraising event, Shari Hymes, one of our key Paddle Diva leaders […]

Locally CSA Grown Summer Superfoods from Amber Waves Farms

This summer, I have enjoyed picking up my weekly CSA basket from Amber Waves Farms located in Amagansett. As a participant in the 100-member Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) program, each week I’m able to pick up a basket of fresh seasonal organic produce. Two inspiring women, Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin found the farm and […]

Paddle for a Cure this Saturday, August 16

Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink  I want to commend Shari Hymes, one of our core Paddle Diva leaders and instructors. Over these past few weeks, Shari has been working very hard to train a group of women SUPers. Through drills, paddleboard stroke techniques and loads of encouragement, Shari has been preparing them to stand […]

Inspirational Woman for August: Erika Bloom

Paddle Diva loves to celebrate women’s accomplishments, highlighting inspirational women who motivate and encourage others to lead healthier lives. For August I’m featuring Erika Bloom, who continues to help women feel more confident through Pilates, holistic fitness and wellness. Erika is the mother of two and founder of Erika Bloom Pilates Plus. I’m continually impressed […]

Diva Picks: Summer SUP Apparel

SUP season is in full swing at Paddle Diva! Our loyal SUP enthusiasts have been visiting our Shagwong Marina headquarters in East Hampton for a variety of group stand up paddleboard lessons including SUP Yoga, adventure paddle tours and Power Up on SUP fitness classes. During the summer, I can spend six to eight hours teaching […]

Two Water People Inspire Each Other

Edible East End (High Summer 2014) Click on the photo to read the article on Edible East End’s website!



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