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December 4, 2014

Looking Forward, Looking Back

December 4, 2014

It’s been an amazing year for everyone at Paddle Diva. The beginning of 2014 found the Bradleys enjoying some extended family time in Rincon, Puerto Rico, away from the hustle bustle of life in New York. It was during this trip that the Bradleys adopted Coconut, one of the rescue pups they fostered in Rincon. Coconut featured prominently into life at Paddle Diva’s SUP Center this year – always there to greet clients, but really, Coconut just hangs around hoping for a ride.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Your DogWhen March rolled around, we found ourselves heading back down to Rincon to prep for one of our amazing SUP Yoga retreats with Jessica Bellofatto (we have another one coming up January 22-26, so make sure you reserve your spot). Unfortunately, Gina’s accident with a scorpion fish sent her back to New York for treatment and a longer than expected recovery. Thankfully, Jessica was able to step up and lead the retreat, for which she was crowned Inspirational Woman of the Month for April.

Once the Hamptons summer season kicked in, it was business as usual at Paddle Diva: SUP lessons, SUP fitness classes and group paddle tours. We still have the only floating fitness studio in the Hamptons, and in 2014 we pumped up our offerings for ASI training and certification, for both SUP and SUP Yoga teachers. Because summer brings glamorous visitors to our parts, that’s when we have our big fundraisers. Gina’s efforts to promote a healthy planet landed her a spot as an Event Chair for the 25th Anniversary Party for the South Fork Natural History Museum; she was also spotted hobnobbing with Bethenny Frankel at the Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink. It was truly a summer to remember – if you haven’t seen our highlight reel, you should check it out:

When the crowds die down and the temperature starts to drop, that’s our favorite time at Paddle Diva.  More time to focus on training up SUP Yoga teachers and help get more SUP teachers ASI certified. More time to enjoy the changing of the seasons from atop a stand up paddleboard. The kids get back to their routines, Gina has time to breathe and think about the upcoming year.

Which brings us to now – what’s in store for Paddle Diva in 2015? Pushing the need for more ASI certified SUP teachers, for sure.  Since there is a marine component in SUP that requires extensive training, it’s not enough to just know how to stand up paddleboard. ASI accreditation and certification programs are setting and leading the industry standards for SUP instruction.

Other things to keep an eye out for – perhaps a second Paddle Diva location? Let’s see what the New Year brings.


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