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July 7, 2021

LIFTED On The Water

July 7, 2021

Dig deeper and move gently outside of your comfort zone with LIFTED On The Water, every Sunday from 10 – 11 AM with Jennifer Ford at Paddle Diva.

LIFTED is a meditative workout designed to [up]lift every part of who we are— mind, body, and spirit. Created by Nike Master Trainer, Holly Rilinger, the classes are incorporated into HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga, ride, and pilates. But now through Labor Day Weekend, the all encompassing wellness workout hits the water in Shagwong Marina to provide a whole new experience.

Our founder, the Paddle Diva herself, Gina Bradley has been a LIFTED member for over a year and has seen the results firsthand.

“What I found that is so different than most workout programs is the meditation that is integrated into the workouts. It is so absolutely paramount that we all slow down, even though we feel the need to rush about all day!”— Gina Bradley

Through the reopening comes a reopening of ourselves, an opportunity to reconnect within. The emotional and physical impacts of the pandemic act like an anchor to our greater well-being, a year of limited movement and social isolation weighing us down. LIFTED On The Water invites you to lift up your anchor and believe in your strength again.

Jennifer will begin the hour long workouts with a brief meditation on the beach followed by a power paddle that integrates high-intensity moves on the SUP board— sit-ups, push-ups, side planks, and other fitness poses. These motions in the marina will naturally create a greater focus on your core strength and overall balance. The workout is then followed by a deep meditation while lying on the board before Jennifer concludes the session with nuggets of wisdom, from her degree in applied positive psychology.

LIFTED SUP is available for private or group classes. Don’t have a paddleboard? We have you covered! Check out rental details here. You will have the option to either buy a single class (with paddleboard included!) or a class pack to swim and sweat with Jen all Summer!

Move from paddle to pavement and get LIFTED at The Clubhouse in East Hampton, Gurney’s in Montauk or small group training in Springs, East Hampton. Visit their website at


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