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Alexia Lalli recovering from injury (with Coconut)
Inspirational Women
April 14, 2015

Paddle Diva’s Inspirational Woman: Alexia Lalli

April 14, 2015

This month, Paddle Diva is featuring my very own mom, Alexia Lalli, as our Inspirational Woman. Her spirit, tenacity and intelligence are what make her so inspirational to her friends and family, who refer to her affectionately as Lex.

paddle-diva-and-momAt 76, (77 on April 24!) Lex is enjoying every aspect of her busy life, making frequent trips to New York City from her cozy home in the Berkshire Mountains. She’s got a great cat, Willie, who is her constant companion. She’s an active member in the Hillsdale community within Columbia County working on the preservation and growth of this thriving area. Semi-retired, Lex still consults on projects that interest her. She’s also a member of the Century Club, a  private club founded in 1829 to promote interest in the fine arts and literature. If you’re lucky, she’ll invite you to dine and explore their amazing landmark building!

As a mother, she’s the most generous and giving mom around. There’s not much she won’t do if her grandkids ask her. Last summer, she went horseback riding with Emma at Rita’s ranch. Then, she allowed James and I to teach her how to paddleboard and enjoyed a nice long tour with a group of Paddle Diva clients.

Just recently, Lex spent a week with us in Rincon, Puerto Rico. It was there that I think I first realized that while my mother was getting a little bit older, she still has so much energy and enthusiasm to share! Swimming, beachcombing, going out for ice cream, and making delicious dinners were just some of the fun things she did with the kids. She’s also incredibly generous and she loves to surprise us by buying tickets to a show or picking up the tab for a meal out! And she is just as generous in sharing her life perspectives and her wisdom with those that know her.

My mom is she’s so well-traveled – it seems there’s just about no place on the earth she hasn’t already been to, but if you ask her she’ll tell you that there are some places on the globe that she still needs to see. Her latest request has been to go on safari in Africa with me and the kids and Scott (which may come true next year – fingers’ crossed). She’s also an academic and is a graduate from The Harvard School of Design’s Loeb fellowship and she is on the Loeb Fellows Council.

Last month my mom walked away, badly injured,  from a head-on car collision on a road near her home.  She broke both wrists and a leg after being struck by a distracted drive who was bending dowo to pick up something off the floor. PLEASE NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD OR TEXT!!

Lex is now safe and on her way to recovery and I’m sure she’ll be back out on the paddleboard this summer enjoying the waters off Long Island.


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