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December 16, 2014

Gifts that Give Back

December 16, 2014

Holiday shopping can present you with a moral dilemma: you want to shower your loved ones with beautiful gifts but it seems entirely contradictory to the spirit of the season: that is, remembering the poor and suffering and giving back, or at least donating a used coat or an hour of companionship to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Karma Notes

But this year you can get your goodies and give back, too, if you shop at sites like the brand new UNICEF Market. Their prices are great – we love these handspun silk scarves from Thailand – $22.99 for the pair!  It’s what UNICEF calls “Triple Win Pricing.”  #1 you save because there aren’t layers of middlemen getting the goods from artisans to consumers; #2 children benefit since a portion of the proceeds help fund UNICEF’s programs providing lifesaving nutrition, medicine, education, clean water, emergency relief and more to children in need; and #3 UNICEF Market artisans set their own prices and control their own businesses. UNICEF Market offers artisans a free platform to sell their work throughout the United States.

They also have this “Karma Notes” recycled glass carafe with glasses, made with upcycled glass collected from the beaches of Bali.

For stocking stuffers, check out the selection at United By Blue. Founded in 2010, United By Blue is driven by the idea of associating the sale of each product with a concrete environmental action. For each product sold, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

United By Blue Brand Video from United By Blue on Vimeo.

hand in hand soapBeautiful soaps always make great gifts, and these bars from Hand in Hand soaps are not only ethically harvested from sustainable resources, for each bar purchased, Hand in Hand donates one month of clean water to a child in the developing world and 50 square feet of rainforest.  The triple milled Shea butter soap soothes to your skin and senses and is gentle on the environment – makes you feel good in so many different ways.


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