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April 1, 2018

Get Acquainted with the Intriguing Sport of Standup Paddle Boarding

April 1, 2018

The popular sport of SUP better known as stand up paddle boarding certainly has a lot of fans. However, many still remain unaware of the technicalities of SUP. This write-up is dedicated to getting you better acquainted with it so you can try it on your next visit to a local river or lake.

  • What Entails stand up paddle boarding

Quite different from paddle boarding and surfing, this is a mix of the two sports. What you must do in this is really paddle while standing on a custom-made board dedicated to the sport. You will be using one arm to paddle along while enjoying the winds of the bay that you cruise along. Undertaking SUP thrice a week has presented a lot of people with lucrative health advantages. In fact, studies show that it benefits the overall alignment of your torso, also improving your balance.

  • How to Paddle Board Standing up

One of the first things you should know is that you needn’t be professionally proficient to engage in this sport. Anyone and everyone can try it provided they can stand up straight to paddle board. When in the water, you must use a single-bladed paddle, simultaneously standing on specialized board. This differs from your average surfboard as it has a wider girth and is sturdier for you.

Next comes the fun part, as all you have to do is cruise along the water paddling away merrily with minimum exertion. Typically you should be able to accomplish this after merely 60 minutes of instruction.

Stand up paddle boarding can be undertaken as a group exercise, so you can indulge in SUP with your friends or partner. Since age is no bar for this intriguing sport, it is the perfect way to spend some healthy yet quality time with your family.


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