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September 1, 2021

Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness

September 1, 2021

Finish Off Summer On Sunday With A Fabulous Day Of Fitness

Paddle Diva is excited to finish off Summer on Sunday, September 5th with a Fabulous day of Fitness with Jennifer Ford of Lifted and Elisabeth Halpap of CorreBarre.


Lifted at 10:00 AM with Jennifer Ford

This signature class combines high intensity interval training (HIT) and meditation on a paddle board! It is designed to improve your mental endurance as well as your physical fitness. Get ready to build strength, burn calories, and get out of the gym and into nature!



CorreBarre at 11:30 With Elisabeth Halfpap

The 60-minute excursion with Elisabeth includes a fusion of paddleboarding and barre moves to give guests a toned, balanced, and strengthening workout on the water.  All levels are welcome. Elisabeth will offer modified CoreBarre moves so that every individual benefits from this workout. 



OXIGEN Water + Liweli

We have combined two great products for you to try out on this fitness focused day!

Oxigen water contains 100 times more oxygen than the traditional water bottle. Adding in an oxygen boost to any pre or post workout routine has proven to help with muscle performance and recovery, which makes consuming O2 in liquid form an ideal way to optimize any workout performance.  Drink Oxigen water before a work out to increase stamina and improve focus. Once you’re done, Oxigen water clears lactic acid two times faster which aids in faster muscle recovery. Plus, Oxigen water contains natural electrolytes from sea salt to create a pH balance of 7.2-7.4. 



CBD should be easy, fun, and fast. Liweli is here to make CBD easier, faster, and tastier. Liweli’s Berry Good Stuff Drink Mix is the perfect workout beverage. Get hydrated and get ahead of that post-workout soreness with a 25mg serving of CBD supercharged with a restorative, antioxidant-rich mix of vitamin C, turmeric, potassium and grape seed extract.



Sign up for this special Core Barre class here and enjoy complimentary Oxigen water and a Liweli CBD mix in for the ultimate workout experience. The class will launch from our headquarters at 10 Boat Yard Lane, East Hanpton, NY 11937. Swimsuits are required.




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