august, 2017

06augallday08alldayXPT Montauk Experience with Gabby Reece, Laird Hamilton and Brian Mckenzie


Event Details

Pool Training / Underwater workouts. Gym Training. Breathing.
Outdoor Workouts. Ice-Heat Sessions. Stand Up Paddling. Recovery Work. Adviser Lectures. XPT Lifestyle Education.
This is the ultimate transforming fitness lifestyle retreat.

Attending XPT Advisors

Dr. Andy Galpin
California State University, Fullerton. Professor: Center for Sport Performance Director: Biochemestry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory.
Gina Bradley
Founded by Gina Bradley in the summer of 2009, Paddle Diva was created on the premise that women are completely underserved in the Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) market. Formerly a fitness instructor, wind-surfing teacher, and PADI certified Scuba Instructor, Gina has a real passion for SUP and knew that this was a trend that was about to really catch on for women.
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson comes from an eclectic background of modern manual therapy approaches and strength and conditioning. Traditional models of sports recovery always seemed to fall short in restoring athletes to optimal levels of performance. Rob prides himself on being obsessed with constantly trying, researching, and implementing best practices that will help his clients actualize their innate potential.

The XPT Experience in Montauk Includes:

✔ Gurney's Lodging
2 Nights – August 6th and 7th
Checkin Begins at 11:00 A.M. on the 6th Experience Begins at 12:00 P.M. on the 6th
✔ Food
Lunch, Dinner, Hydration and Snacks are provided. You’ll enjoy delicious, healthy food that XPT members eat to fuel themselves in real life. Lunch and dinners are done family style, as a group. It’s a time to reflect on the day, and connect. Water and snacks are provided throughout.
✔ Transportation
Will be provided to and from all events
✔ Physical Activities
You will learn the basic fundamentals of XPT pool workouts, gym training, and high intensity workouts. We will do outdoor activities such as hiking and Stand Up Paddle boarding. You do not need to be an elite athlete to participate. The XPT Experience is designed for adults who are moderately fit or looking to get more fit, or for those athletes who are looking to go beyond and expand their endurance training. Each individual’s Experience is catered personally to your goals and skills.
✔ Breathing
You will learn the nuances and many benefits of our incredible XPT Performance Breathing techniques, for optimal fitness and everyday health.
✔ Recovery
Here at XPT we practice heat and ice therapy for post-workout recovery. The XPT Heat and Ice Program uses these tools to stimulate your system to promote muscle recovery, for hormone and metabolism balancing, to increase endurance, for easier acquisition of muscle mass, and for a general increased capacity for stress tolerance.
✔ Education
XPT is a lifestyle and life is a constant quest for knowledge and growth. During an XPT Experience, we cover topics on human performance, mind-body, daily goals, nutrition, sleep, and tools for managing stress. All of these things can be taken back home with you to integrate into your regular daily routine.
✔ Fun
Everything we do at XPT has an element of fun (especially with Laird involved). XPT is centered around the notion of enjoying life.
✔ Social
Meet new friends. At the XPT Experience we do everything as a group. You will always be around an XPT team member.



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