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August 22, 2014

End of Summer SUP Board and Gear Sales

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August 22, 2014

This summer, we’ve had a lot of clients come out to Paddle Diva for their first stand up paddle boarding experience. While gliding on the water and learning basic paddleboard maneuvers, many fell in love with the sport. If you’re one of those, the end of summer is the perfect time to buy SUP boards and gear. August brings amazing SUP deals and sales, so you can continue to enjoy paddling through the Fall season.

Paddle Diva delivers!

Paddle Diva’s hybrid truck will deliver your SUP purchase to your door!

Paddle Diva has some of the most reasonable SUP board prices in Long Island, and here’s the best part: we deliver right to your door! It’s our way of trying to make SUP as accessible as possible. All Paddle Diva custom DIVA SUP boards are handmade on Long Island and then delivered to you in our hybrid Toyota Prius to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing packaging and gas.

At our Shagwong Marina headquarters we offer a “try before you buy” policy. Purchasing a SUP board is an investment; the weight, volume and size of the paddleboard should be taken into consideration. As part of the Paddle Diva customer experience, we like to give clients the opportunity find the most comfortable board.

SUP Yoga Board

We are always looking for innovative ways to design SUP gear for women. In 2014, SUP Yoga continued to be popular with clients. Over the course of the year, Gina worked with Mike Becker from Nature Shapes of Sayville Long Island to design, build and manufacturer the Diva SUP Yoga board. The foam Nature Shapes uses is the best quality and strongest urethane. It’s been a big hit with SUP Yoga enthusiasts, offering an ultra-lightweight, stable and functional board for SUP Yoga, fitness and cruising. Our goal was to design a board that was comfortable to try a variety of SUP Yoga poses. In designing the board with Mike, Gina included a full deck pad covering, which overlays the entire surface of the board. This  enables maximum use of the surface area, transforming the entire board into a floatable yoga studio or mat.

Paddle Diva Custom DIVA SUP board

We also carry the BOGA YOGA Stand Up Paddle Board. The BOGA team has created a high-quality line of boards specially designed for balance and stability. The BOGA Yoga is a sturdy board, yet smooth and fast on the water. It also features an extra-long textured pad, which works nicely for the downward dog yoga pose.

Diva SUP Board

Our eco-friendly Diva SUP Board is another board we offer that’s especially designed for women. It’s a versatile and comes in three sizes (10’/10’6″/11′), so you can find a fit that’s right for you. This board weighs up to 10 pounds less than most SUP boards on the market, and we added a built in handle to make it easier to carry into the water or attach to your car. Our board package  comes with a carbon paddle by Carbonerro, which we have found to be one of the lightest and best paddles for woman. We also carry SUPLove boards, Riviera Paddle Surf boards and 404 boards.

Kids SUP Boards

Stand up paddleboarding is for kids too! It’s a great sport to build a child’s agility, athletic skills and confidence on the water. We test and design our boards so kids can easily carry and maneuver them in the water. We also offer custom designed options that include vibrant colors, images and graphics. For paddles, we recommend the Riviera kids SUP paddle, which is adjustable and designed to grow with your child.







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