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May 23, 2018

Embrace the Ancient Hawaiian Surfing Technique of Standup Paddle Boarding

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May 23, 2018

Surfing enthusiasts all around the country have reasons to rejoice with the advent of standup

paddle boarding. This sport lets them board in lakes and even rivers in the absence of great

waves at a beach. Frequently known as SUP, it is another way to enjoy water bodies near you.

While many embrace the ancient Hawaiian surfing technique as a way to work out, there are

others who try it for fun. Take a look at a few reasons why you should embrace this reemerged


  •  Recently deemed one of the finest water sports, this offers you a great way to take your

enthusiasm for surfing to a new level. SUP has been greatly appreciated by surfers for it

offers them a wonderful way to hone their fitness.

  • Although professionals have lots of options to explored advanced paddle boarding

techniques; beginners can explore it without being too technically sound. The best part

about this sport is that first timers can have a great time trying it without having to

practice to excel at it.

  •  Offering a fantastic workout, this helps you strengthen your core muscles, which is

important to athletes. Enhancing your upper body strength, it can also help you tone

your thigh and calf muscles.

  • Once practiced in Hawaii decades ago, people today have attempted to revive this sport

for the many health advantages it offers. Be it an ocean, rivers or a bay that you are in

close proximity of; SUP suits all forms of water bodies.

  •  Stand up paddle boarding has also been adopted at the Gurney's Inn in Montauk, NY.

This world-renowned resort certainly opts for the hottest water sports making SUP a


Ideal for people of every age, this is a sport everyone can embrace without worrying about

safety or practicality, as stand up paddle boarding is incredibly safe.


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