Bridal, Bachelorette, and Reunion

Paddle Diva Loves hosting groups of woman celebrating weddings, bachelorette parties, girls weekends and reunions! If there is a group of woman around to celebrate, we love being the facilitator by bringing the boards, experience, laughter and FUN! These trips can be made so much more memorable with a group outing on the water. If you want more than a lesson, we can organize longer outing that incorporate fitness, stretching, yoga and more!

These 60-90 minute sessions start with a quick refresher on how to SUP and/or a SUP Lesson for beginners. This lasts about 10 minutes and then we all take off as a group gliding effortlessly along the water, enjoying the new perspective and the water environment. We paddle for 60-90 minutes ensuring that our staff keeps the group together and moving along!

Costs: $90 per person

*for larger groups we may add a surplus fee for extra instructor.