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January 1, 2018

5 Great Health Benefits of Stand-up Paddle Boarding you should know

January 1, 2018

Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has become quite a trend lately, as it is not just easy and incredibly fun to do, but benefits a lot in terms of health and fitness too! Here are some of the tremendous health benefits you’d get with SUP.

  1. Balance: To make stand up paddle boarding right, you’ll have to stand upright on the board, which means that there needs to be sufficient core stability and leg strength for maintaining balance. This is going to help you improve your balance and enhance your focus on your daily activities as well.
  1. Stress Buster: Stand-up Paddle boarding is in fact a good exercise and it helps you reduce your stress. The soothing feeling as you glide through the water is simply incomparable and it washes away all kinds of stress from your mind.
  1. Full body Workout: Standup Paddle boarding will use every muscle in your body as you maintain balance. While your core, back and abdominal muscles work on your balance, your back, arms and shoulders are used to push the paddleboard through the water.
  1. Enhanced Strength: You might feel a little sore after spending a significant time on paddle boarding, but it is a good sign that indicates your body is getting stronger.
  1. Good Cardiovascular Health: Did you know Stand up paddle boarding can prevent heart attack and strokes? That’s because SUP activity is similar to aerobics, running and cross-training too!

If you don’t prefer hitting the gym, get out and get close to nature! Stand up Paddle boarding is THE ideal workout that’s simply fun and rewarding.


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