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March 21, 2018

3 Key Perks of Standup Paddle Boarding

March 21, 2018

Much less stressful than a gym workout, stand up paddle boarding has been appreciated as a great way to exercise. Befitting people of all ages and body types, this routine lets you achieve your fitness goals as you bask in the sunlight. Read on to know of some aspects of standup paddling that adds to its appeal.

  • Enhances your Stamina

Whether it is a marathon you are preparing for or simply your stamina you wish to enhance, SUP is a great way to begin. Practicing it with proper instruction is the best way to increase your endurance. It works on your stance and betters your balance to ensure that your body can endure more for longer periods on the water. It is especially ideal for people who like to hike or are preparing for a trekking expedition.

  • Gets you Back to Nature Sans the Risks

Venturing out for a run early morning or late evening may put you at risk on the streets. However, SUP evades such calamities, as you are completely safe when you are in the water with a group of fellow stand up paddlers. You also have the advantage of getting back to nature in a serene surrounding away from the buzz of the traffic.

  • The Way to a Healthier Heart

In case you are someone who loves to gorge on fried foods, or have high cholesterol; you may want to try a SUP workout. It is the simplest way to decrease your cholesterol levels by exercise. Although you can control your diet, this is a great way to be fitter faster.

Perfect for people who are at a high risk for strokes, stand up paddle boarding can help you just as much as jogging and even water aerobics. In short, it is the easiest way to a healthier heart, making it a must try!


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